What We Do

Friends of Madison Student Radio (FoMSR) is a non-profit fundraising board that serves in good faith for the needs and interests of WSUM contributors. Our Mission Statement is:

  • Friends of Madison Student Radio seeks to collaborate with the Executive Management team and governance board of WSUM in helping them meet their strategic goals.  FoMSR will accomplish this by:
    • Sponsoring projects that involve public participation throughout the WSUM broadcast area, as well as public awareness activities that promote WSUM and attract additional fiscal sponsors.
    • Providing funding and mentoring to help student staff improve quality of programming and services.
    • Serving in good faith for the needs and interests of WSUM contributors.
    • Serving as a fiscal agent for funds raised by FoMSR on behalf of WSUM.

WSUM is the University of Wisconsin-Madison student radio station, and the rockin'-est college radio station in the land!

Volunteer Opportunities

Would you be interested in getting involved to support WSUM? Our students events, alumni outreach, and fundraising efforts always need helpful volunteers like you to support the variety or projects and needs of our station. Do you want to join the Friends of Madison Student Radio Board or become a Friends of Friends volunteer? Email wsumfriends@gmail.com to learn more about our fundraising board and get involved in station support.

Or check us out on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/WSUMfriends/

Meet the FoMSR Board

Anna Filipek Adams (President) was a member of the WSUM Madison Student Radio from 2001 to 2004, hosting “Robot Parade” (punk/indie rock), “Support Your Scene” (local music with live performances), and “Punk n’ Polka” (punk/polka). She saw the big switch flipped as WSUM went from webcast only to broadcast radio in 2002. She was Music Director and one of the first Traffic Directors in 2003. And in 2004, she was elected Station Manager and Co-Coordinator of Party in the Park. Seeing the value of WSUM as both a radio station and student organization, she pursued a Master’s in Education in College Student Affairs to become part of the Wisconsin Experience. After she and her family returned to the Madison area, she joined FoMSR in 2014.

Kayla Liederbach (Secretary) - DJ Kayla Kush joined FoMSR in 2015. She has been hosting her reggae show U DUB since 2010 on WSUM. She was voted "DJ of the Year" at the Madison Area Music Awards in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017! (Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

Pete Hnilicka (Active Member) has hosted Fundamental Pete's Ass-Jammery on WSUM since November 2009.  He matriculated at UW-Madison in the fall of 1997, and graduated a short 12 years later, in May 2009, with a BA in Economics.  He wishes WSUM would have existed in the late '90s, as he might have wasted more time hanging out on the radio than hanging out in bars.  On second thought, maybe he is glad things worked out the way they did.  Pete joined the FoMSR Board in March of 2013, hoping to atone for hosting Fundamental Pete's Ass-Jammery on WSUM since November 2009.  He lives in Madison with his wife, Jessy.

Jenni Woodward (Active Member)

Steve Lauridsen (Active Member)

Clifton Ratcliff (Active Member)

Richard Berling (Active Member) is a retired non-profit administrator with extensive fundraising experience.  He is also a senior audit student at UW-Madison enjoying an eclectic educational experience.  Richard and wife Deesa Pence host Dance on Campus on WSUM, utilizing the Ballroom Association of Madison's official playlist of songs for BAM dance events.  Dance on Campus also announces dance classes and events sponsored by a wide variety of dance oriented UW-Madison Registered Student Organizations.  When not at WSUM, he is DJing for a local west coast swing dance club.  Richard and Deesa are proud members of the WSUM family with Richard enjoying membership on the Friends Board since June 2016.

Aaron Jerabek (Active Member)



Meet the WSUM Liaisons

Two members of the WSUM Team liaison with the FoMSR Board, and are crucial to the work we do.


Dave Black is a co-founder and the academic staff advisor of WSUM 91.7FM radio (wsum.org).   At UW since 1991, he is responsible for station education and training;  co-ordination of community outreach efforts; oversight and administration of expenditures; and overseeing compliance with FCC rules.   He has been teaching college students since 1990 and has been teaching radio to K-12 students since 1994.  His professional experience includes radio news and sports reporting and editing at three commercial stations and various positions on the Wisconsin Public Television production and media graphics crew.  Dave has a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication, a Master’s Degree in Radio and TV and a Master’s Degree in Journalism.  He is a former board member of the Low Power Radio Coalition and College Broadcasters Incorporated.  He is a two-time recipient of the John Bayless Broadcast Scholarship, co-winner of the Associated Press Large Market Sports Reporting Award, was awarded an Excellence in Teaching Award from the International Communication Association, and is a recipient of the Army Commendation Medal.

Aleesa Kuznetsov is the 2017 Station Manager at WSUM.  The Station Manager of WSUM maintains and improves the effectiveness of the radio station's on-air and off-air presence. Elected by her peers to run the station for one year, the station manager is a very demanding position requiring patience, stamina, and decisiveness.